sneak out again today
prison break!!! XD
thanks 粉红蘑菇头的老爷爷 bring me go out~ XD
don't angry larh XD
we went to buy my birthday present XD
粉红蘑菇头的老爷爷 very rich =.=''
then we go yumcha and chatchatchat XD
thanks bring me come out and play and buy me present~XD
i get all me birthday presents i think~ XD
so i want to post it out!

this is half of it XD

pink hairpin and pink bag from 粉红蘑菇头的老爷爷~XD
this is the 1st present he give me so must have expensive 1~XD
next time no need spent so much larh~buy cheapcheap de can le~

this one from everyone~ XD
thanks i will use it in the future~XD

this is the boxer given by joy and vic
LOL~why u give me boxer?
i really dont know when and how to use it...

this is from weisheng~
he long time no online le lorh...
can say bad thing about him here~XD

this is from my brother~
he choose 1
nice bo?XD

this is the card from maomaomaomao
i love her and u didnt ruin the card!!!

finally...from my dear strawberry...muax
i am touched by this~

i keep it very carefully hor~~~

half overall~XD

strawberry's present with many people's wishes~
wrapper chosen by deqin~

this is the bread strawberry always buy to me..
T^T....i will not receive it anymore maybe
i miss you badly =(

birthday cake given by strawberry XD

kitkat given by jocelyn lim~

thanks all
i love u all~
BIG hug

will receive 1 more from my uncle when he is back from overseas~XD