it's spanish^^
you can use it when you go to hawaii XD

early in the morning~
i cook breakfast at your table~
i didnt...=.=''
just wake up like 11.11am
nice time huh
when you watch your watch
the time is 11.11am/pm
it means someone is missing you
who is missing me? XD
when the time is 4.44am/pm
it means someone is scolding you
why i wake up so "early"?
propably because it was the MEMBERDAY of JUSCO yesterday!!!
it is the first time i went to a memberday
because i dont have so much money
so yesterday i went with honey,kaiyu,huimin,evan and lala
i miss u guys badly =)
but i didnt spent my money on anything
i am a good girl =.=''
there was a crowd anyway
many beautiful clothes are laying there
shouting to us cutely
"i am just RM10 and i am cute!buy me babes~~~"
but still i didnt buy anything
and then we went for lunch
what food u like?
i mean the normal food...
i will buy for u next time =3=
and then we gave victor a suprise
then i went back home by a stupid taxi whose meter starts from RM5.70
let's kill the taxi driver XD
i felt bad headaches
but still i went for my piano lesson
when my mum get back home
i ask her to bring us to JUSCO!!!
i thought she wont because she dont lke to spent money on such things but she did!
so me and my brother on my mom's car to the jusco~~~
and i bought many cloths~XD
and we were back like 11.oo pm

that's all~