morning people
my life is totally weird now
i cant even remember what is the date today
the things i do everyday is
facing the stupid computer
watch movies
and it really sucks
it makes me feel dizzy tired and wondering what the f**k i am?
so i m here to wondering what we should do in holidays
first is hanging out with ur gangs
unfortunately i have not get a chance to do it
because no one there is well prepared to go out with me
i feel kinda sad *sobs*
second is staying at home watching animes cartoons or watever it is
which i am doing and i m bored to do so
third thing is to do facial and make ur fingernails black and red and pink and blue
just colourful larh
like this

and then wash it away
and then applied again

third thing is to take random photos
u can make it very very wildwildwild
like a cat
like a lion
like a witch
or whatever that is crazy
it look best when u taking these photos with ur friends

forth thing....
is to sleep and eat
which make us fatter

i miss my friends
where is the h*ll u all went?
leaving me along here

so it ends

i love omegle
i met a 17 years old dashing and fit national USA under 17 soccer team players from colombia