YiNinG Daa RED-nosed rEindeeR~
haS a liTTle Red rEd nosE~


u all focus on top of my head
got 3 words
can u see?

morning people
nothing happened today
the coming friday saturday and sunday will be the pc fair
and i will work in the pc fair (80%)for the money XD
so if u r free
and u miss me
come and find me ^^
in other words
i will not be here for 3 days
so~do miss me yea~

i lurve u all~~~
i miss u all~~~

who got the schedule please tell me
i need to count the money i need larh XD

i feel damn sad when i saw something
a thing that reminds me that......@#$%%$#@.......
that i ......@#$%%$#@.......
we ......@#$%%$#@.......
i know it...
i always do...
we are ......@#$%%$#@.......
i never knew .....@#$%%$#@.......
what is .....@#$%%$#@.......?
i never want to learn that

means secret~ XD

to all insects in the world
especially those who can fly and big
please do not come near to yining
please keep out of her at 5M and above
because she is scared of insects
and if you come near to her
she will probably crazily screaming and get a blanket or newspaper
and it will kill you
which she doesn't want to do so
she is just scared of insects T^T



hola~ XD
hmm...nth special today~
but still very happy^^
happy birthday to 远哲
k larh~
i wan go DL bad romance!!! XD


sneak out again today
prison break!!! XD
thanks 粉红蘑菇头的老爷爷 bring me go out~ XD
don't angry larh XD
we went to buy my birthday present XD
粉红蘑菇头的老爷爷 very rich =.=''
then we go yumcha and chatchatchat XD
thanks bring me come out and play and buy me present~XD
i get all me birthday presents i think~ XD
so i want to post it out!

this is half of it XD

pink hairpin and pink bag from 粉红蘑菇头的老爷爷~XD
this is the 1st present he give me so must have expensive 1~XD
next time no need spent so much larh~buy cheapcheap de can le~

this one from everyone~ XD
thanks i will use it in the future~XD

this is the boxer given by joy and vic
LOL~why u give me boxer?
i really dont know when and how to use it...

this is from weisheng~
he long time no online le lorh...
can say bad thing about him here~XD

this is from my brother~
he choose 1
nice bo?XD

this is the card from maomaomaomao
i love her and u didnt ruin the card!!!

finally...from my dear strawberry...muax
i am touched by this~

i keep it very carefully hor~~~

half overall~XD

strawberry's present with many people's wishes~
wrapper chosen by deqin~

this is the bread strawberry always buy to me..
T^T....i will not receive it anymore maybe
i miss you badly =(

birthday cake given by strawberry XD

kitkat given by jocelyn lim~

thanks all
i love u all~
BIG hug

will receive 1 more from my uncle when he is back from overseas~XD



it's spanish^^
you can use it when you go to hawaii XD

early in the morning~
i cook breakfast at your table~
i didnt...=.=''
just wake up like 11.11am
nice time huh
when you watch your watch
the time is 11.11am/pm
it means someone is missing you
who is missing me? XD
when the time is 4.44am/pm
it means someone is scolding you
why i wake up so "early"?
propably because it was the MEMBERDAY of JUSCO yesterday!!!
it is the first time i went to a memberday
because i dont have so much money
so yesterday i went with honey,kaiyu,huimin,evan and lala
i miss u guys badly =)
but i didnt spent my money on anything
i am a good girl =.=''
there was a crowd anyway
many beautiful clothes are laying there
shouting to us cutely
"i am just RM10 and i am cute!buy me babes~~~"
but still i didnt buy anything
and then we went for lunch
what food u like?
i mean the normal food...
i will buy for u next time =3=
and then we gave victor a suprise
then i went back home by a stupid taxi whose meter starts from RM5.70
let's kill the taxi driver XD
i felt bad headaches
but still i went for my piano lesson
when my mum get back home
i ask her to bring us to JUSCO!!!
i thought she wont because she dont lke to spent money on such things but she did!
so me and my brother on my mom's car to the jusco~~~
and i bought many cloths~XD
and we were back like 11.oo pm

that's all~



went out today with my dear friends
yesterday at night
i felt like if i keep staying at home i will sick and fainted and u guys will never see me again
so i went out to help joy give victor a suprise...
joy arh~~~
u very pian xin lerh~
i oso wan suprise lerh T^T
every1 gt suprise i dun hav

i tell u hor....
the video dissapear in my hp le!!!!
my bday T^T

but still thanks to all
for the video and presents~

just now my RM 13 fly away
because got a stupid malay taxi driver hack me !!!!!!
shit shit shit shit
his meter start from RM 5.70 lerh!!!!
my malay not good or i will......hiekhiekhiek~~~~

i feel headache



this is my blog
i have the right to say whatever i want in here
its not that i will solve my problems whenever i blog here
but at least i am happier than u are
because u r forever forcing everyone to face the world the truth
u r forever furious at everyone
u think that everyone should change to what u think he/she should be
but i m here to tell u
the world is not urs
u r not a ruler u r not the king u r not my parents
u r not the one who should tell me what to do or not to do
because u r not perfect also
its just that people are lazy to remind u
they just left u there to rot
u understand it now fucker?
we hate you

p/s:she scold me on the web and i dunno who she is but it seems like she read our blogs


morning people
my life is totally weird now
i cant even remember what is the date today
the things i do everyday is
facing the stupid computer
watch movies
and it really sucks
it makes me feel dizzy tired and wondering what the f**k i am?
so i m here to wondering what we should do in holidays
first is hanging out with ur gangs
unfortunately i have not get a chance to do it
because no one there is well prepared to go out with me
i feel kinda sad *sobs*
second is staying at home watching animes cartoons or watever it is
which i am doing and i m bored to do so
third thing is to do facial and make ur fingernails black and red and pink and blue
just colourful larh
like this

and then wash it away
and then applied again

third thing is to take random photos
u can make it very very wildwildwild
like a cat
like a lion
like a witch
or whatever that is crazy
it look best when u taking these photos with ur friends

forth thing....
is to sleep and eat
which make us fatter

i miss my friends
where is the h*ll u all went?
leaving me along here

so it ends

i love omegle
i met a 17 years old dashing and fit national USA under 17 soccer team players from colombia


i'll make this an english blog
i want to make this an english blog
this an english blog from now on XD
ok damn crazy
damn boring staying at home
i wanna hang out